Para La Buena Vida Tanteo

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Every legend has a beginning, this one takes us to the heart of Tequila Country, to the volcanic soil of Jalisco, Mexico. Our Jimadors use the same traditional techniques used for hundreds of years to plant, till, and harvest Blue Weber Agaves.

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Our Jimadors only select the agave plants that contain the perfect sugar content for harvesting. It takes eight to ten years for an agave plant to grow large enough to achieve this perfection. Once hand-picked, they must be stripped of their 200-plus leaves using a special knife called a “Coa”. Leaving just the heart of the agave, or Piñas, to be processed at the distillery.

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Once the Piñas arrive at the distillery, they are slowly baked in special ovens. This process turns the starches into fermentable sugars. The baked Piñas are then shredded to extract the juice for fermentation.

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After several days of fermentation, yeast converts the agave juice into a low alcohol mixture called mosto, which is distilled three times to produce the base of Tanteo’s Blanco Tequila.

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For many Tequilas, this is where the story ends. For Tanteo, this is the start of our infusion process that makes our tequilas so unique. We begin to infuse our overproof 100% agave tequilas with fresh peppers, resulting in tequila that goes beyond the ordinary.

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We source fresh Jalapeños from two local farms, which grow a special variety of Jalapeños that are extra flavorful. After harvesting; the Jalapeños are then shipped directly to our distillery.

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Each fresh Jalapeño is sliced by hand and placed in our custom maceration tanks filled with 100% agave tequila. All within 24 hours of harvesting.

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Fresh young Jalapeños are deseeded and infused in overproof tequila to create full flavored macerates that are mellow in piquancy.

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Mature ripe Jalapeños are infused in overproof tequila with pith and seeds, creating piquant macerates that round out the flavor profile.

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Macerates are blended together in the proper proportion depending on their heat intensity ensuring consistency from batch to batch.

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Tequila is a drink of perfection. Every batch of Tanteo must pass several quality inspections to ensure a consistent aroma, flavor and heat. Finally, after bottling, we do one final check of each bottle to make sure it is always free of impurities – 100% agave tequila. And 100% Tanteo.

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The legend continues when the Tanteo bottle – wax-sealed, hand labeled and numbered – arrives in your hands. Create a Tanteo cocktail and see where this journey takes you.