Tanteo Tequila

Drinking Sustainably

Here at Tanteo, we’ve always stuck by a few long-held truths that ground everything we do, from the moment the agave exits the soil to the moment the tequila touches your glass.

Authenticity. Craftsmanship. Camaraderie. And today more than ever: sustainability.

Sustainability is something we find ourselves thinking about more and more, and for reasons beyond what meets the eye. Of course, the earth needs tending. It feels good to do good, and for any business — the best time to orient practices toward sustainability was yesterday. The second best is now.

Sustainability takes shape outside of the obvious, though. A quick example? Our friend and dedicated distilling partner: Destiladora Juanacatlán. A tried-and-true cooperative that’s transitioned to sustainable farming practices, almost exclusively hires local and makes a point to better the community, donating to charitable causes along the way. Cliche as it might sound, sustainability comes down to what you can do to make the most immediate impact in the community. Control what you can control.

It’s a thought pattern that takes precedent here at Tanteo HQ, as well. Simple things, like a remote workforce, mean less commuting and ergo less air pollution. Sure, it’s just a fraction of the convalescence the world deserves. But change doesn’t happen in a day, and we’re proud to offer contributions great and small.

For some, green-labeling is little more than a bit of trendy marketing or keeping up with the Joneses. But rest assured, sustainability is a part of our DNA. From our locally grown agaves to our additive-free production process to our distillery’s hiring and equality practices, we’ve always got tomorrow on the mind. 

Para la buena vida. 

Tanteo Team