Tanteo Tequila

Announcing The Spirit of Spice Winner

As we approach the end of summer and the end of our first big contest, I find myself reflecting on where we are, what we’ve learned and where we are going.

This week our team came together to review the #Spiritofspice entries and select one lucky winner. But before the big reveal, I want to share the journey that led us to the #Spiritofspice campaign.

When planning our creative strategy, our objective was to birth an idea that characterizes the spirit of spice. We pride ourselves on masterfully infusing blanco tequila with fresh peppers and transforming an ordinary margarita into consistent spicy perfection. So we asked ourselves, what can we do next to add that same element of spice to one lucky fan’s life?

During the creative process, we found the best way to stay true to our brand was to ask our loyal fans what beyond ordinary experience we could deliver to spice up their spirit. So we did, and the #Spiritofspice contest was born.


We shot a commercial produced by a talented team of professionals, posted it on social media and asked our audience to make their own video telling us how Tanteo could add spice to their life. And, the results were staggering. We had many unique and interesting people submit their wild and personal requests. @dramalaw asked that we take him and his wife to all four grand slam tennis tournaments. @hot_bisch asked for a trip to Dar E Salaam to check out their agriculture. @coco2288 wanted to learn how to play craps in Vegas while @justinebean wanted to teach aqua yoga in Tulum, Mexico. As expected, we couldn’t have written a script that was more authentic.


After reviewing all of these  amazing and inspirational videos, it was difficult to choose just one winner. After much deliberation, we’re excited to announce that @stephaniecowan, a passionate photographer who tells people’s unique stories around the world through her lens, won the #spiritofspice contest. Stephanie discovered Tanteo after she came across the Forbes article, Shaking it up, how this innovative Tequila company is helping women get ahead”. In the interview with our CEO, Neil Grosscup spoke about Tanteo’s mission to help the women of Juanacatlán, the home of our distillery, get ahead. In her video, Stephanie asked Tanteo to take her to Mexico to photograph the wonderful women who play a big role in spicing up Tanteo.


Please join me as we congratulate @stephaniecowan for winning the #Spiritofspice contest. We are very excited to experience your spice with you and the wonderful photos you take.

Stay tuned for updates from Stephanie’s journey and photographs!


Mena Jibran