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Cooking with Jalapeño Salt

When we created Tanteo Jalapeño Salt late last year, the objective was simple: provide consumers with a product that would elevate their amazing spicy cocktails to another level. With the feedback we’ve gotten from fans and bartenders since launch, it's clear that we’ve succeed in that regard. The pictures and comments we receive showing the awesome experiences our customers have had rimming their glasses with our salt make us that much happier to do our jobs.

With its three primary ingredients, salt, sugar, and lime, our jalapeño salt comes out of the bag specifically targeting three of the five tasting zones of the palette: salty, sweet, and sour. The heat the of jalapeño powder creates the tantalizing spicy kick that we know and love. Combined, these four ingredients create a complexity of flavors that can elevate so many simple dinner dishes to a place that is truly beyond ordinary.


Knowing the potential of our product in the kitchen, the team recently set out to create a full meal that would demonstrate the culinary power of this simple seasoning. The menu, consisting of chicken breast, homemade shoestring french fries, and mexican salad, was a complete hit in the office. The jalapeño salt took these simple dishes and added a layer of complexity to their flavor profiles. The french fries, predictably fatty and salty, took on additional elements of spice and sweetness with nothing more than a sprinkling of our seasoning. The chicken breast, perhaps the epitome of mundane dinner fare, suddenly packed a flavorful punch with each bite. Finally the salad -- which when improperly done can be the most boring of dishes-- took on a complexity that is hard to find in truly healthy foods.


We knew that we had a great product in the jalapeño salt the day it launched, and for the past year it’s been making spicy margaritas all the better. With that said, its applications in the kitchen are equally exciting and the more we experiment with it, the more impressed we become. Pick up a bag from our shop page and give it a try next time you cook-- allow yourself the opportunity to spice up your supper.


Chicken Breast

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a cast iron skillet season two chicken breasts (preferably with skin still on), with a liberal coating of olive oil, one tablespoon of jalapeño salt, and pepper to taste. Place the skillet in the oven, skin side down, and cook for 10 minutes. Flip the chicken and cook on the other side for 10-15 minutes, or until the internal temperature reads 165 degrees. *Note that this is the safe temperature for chicken according to the FDA, but if you are sure about the high quality of your chicken, an internal temperature between 155 and 160 will yield a juicier result.

Let rest ten minutes before slicing and serving.


French Fries

For the french fries, follow this amazing food network recipe, and sprinkle liberally with jalapeño salt after the second fry while they are still warm.


Mexican Salad

Start by adding spinach or any leafy green into a large bowl. Cook the quinoa and black beans, and add both. Lastly, rinse the corn and grate the a carrot. For added healthy fats, throw in some avocado! Once all the ingredients are added, sprinkle the Jalapeño Salt for a gush of salty/sweet flavor. Add oil, tahini, and spicy sauce as you please.

Para la Buena Vida, 

Tanteo Team