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The #spiritofspice

The #spiritofspice
We have had an exciting last few weeks at Tanteo as we have kicked off #spiritofspice - our first big-time contest at Tanteo. It officially kicked off this Cinco de Mayo, and is going through September 1st. In the below post I want to explain what #spiritofspice is, why we are doing it, and how you can be involved.

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What is #spiritofspice?

Since our founding in 2007,  Tanteo has been focused on creating the best spicy tequila that makes the perfect spicy margarita. Spice mixes with Tequila better than other base spirits, and as the original 100% agave spicy tequila, we are the original spirit of spice. We liked the alliteration, we liked the consonance, and we liked that “spirit” has a whole lot meanings. From there we thought about what it would mean to spice up someone’s spirit - not just in a spicy cocktail but something more fluid - like an experience - and this is what #spiritofspice is. Tanteo is picking a lucky winner to spice up an experience they have been dreaming of.  It can be anything, as long as it is spicy - Running with the bulls while wearing a bull outfit? No problem. Take a tour of the best street tacos in Mexico? Sounds great! Whatever your Spirit is craving - the #spiritofspice wants to make it happen.


Why are we doing this?

As an up and coming brand, we don’t have a lot of discretionary resources for things like this. Most of Tanteo’s success to-date has been in the on-premise (bars and restaurants), and we have found that the best way to reach our customer base has been making it easy for bartenders to make specialty cocktails. And while we are very proud of all we have done over the years - we wanted to find a way to give back to those that drink all of our specialty cocktails, while also getting some exposure outside of the bars, restaurants, and spirits shops that promote Tanteo. Instead of a big billboard or paid press, we thought it best to ask our fans on Social Media what they would like, and ask them to share the hashtag #spiritofspice to help promote it.  We hope it is a fun way to advertise all the fun things we are doing while also spicing up the lives of one lucky fan.


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How you can be involved?
It is very simple. First - you need to follow Tanteo on Instagram.  After you do that - you need to create a public post (video or photo) with the hashtag #spiritofspice telling us how we can spice up your spirit. And lastly - you need to wait until September 4th, when we will announce the winner.

Good luck!

Para la Buena Vida,