Tanteo Tequila

Consistency, Consistency

Friends, it has been a while since I have written, and I guess that is in contrast to the title of this post :).  Nevertheless,  today I am reflecting on consistency,  why it is so important to Tanteo’s culture, and how that culture is reflected in the Tequila we produce.

I am not by any means an old man (I will be turning 31 this October), but I often feel so when applying what Tanteo does to the many other startups I talk to. Eric Ries’ often recommended book, The Lean Startup, goes in length about the “Pivot” and when to fundamentally change your business plan when you are not growing fast enough. While not discrediting the need to test your business assumptions and make appropriate changes to better fit the market, this methodology runs the risk of minimizing the “gut feeling” and intuition that often leads to innovation. This practice can also be an excuse to give up too early and not persevere to create something great.

Consistency in business can help it endure through tough times and can be used as a tool to create real long-term value. Building a great thing takes tremendous resources, one of the most important being time. A consistent approach to chip away at a big problem, day in and day out, can achieve things that more creative options cannot. One of my favorite restaurants in Tequila, Mexico is a little hole-in-the-wall family run restaurant named after the cook and owner: Mago. Each day, Mago produces three dishes using traditional techniques, simple local ingredients, and homemade tortillas. Through hard work and a consistent approach to cooking and hospitality, Mago provides a level of hospitality and warmth that innovative high-end restaurants cannot.

We try to replicate this discipline with Tanteo’s culture. Innovation happens at a slower pace in the liquor business.  While part of my job is to keep a finger on the pulse of the cocktail and bar scene, we do not change our marketing strategy or business practices to chase short-term trends. At Tanteo, we have a great product, award winning packaging, a great team, and a shared mission of improving Jalapeño Margaritas. This solid foundation makes it easy to stay consistent with our message and persevere when times are tough. 

The theme of consistency is also paramount to how we make each batch of Tanteo and the value we add to each cocktail made with our Tequila. Jalapeños are hard to work with,  especially when making cocktails with them. We work hard to ensure consistency with each batch, so you know what you are getting in each and every cocktail. This does not mean that we don’t have to change the recipe from time to time (see this post for more info on that),  but we know we need to deliver the same quality product to consumers, over and over again.

With this, I know that I need to be more consistent in writing this blog. With summer cocktail menus in full swing, I hope to be more consistent with updates for the remainder of the year.

Para la buena vida,