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6 Tips To Being A Great Liquor Salesperson Part II

Last post I got a little crazy with drilling down on some of the best practices to selling alcohol. This is part two of the post and these ideas are a little more abstract than part one. I would say if you cannot master part one of these tips, proceed to part two with caution….

Be memorable: 

Everyday I am in the field I try to make friends, as I know Tanteo will sell better if people like the guy behind the brand. I talk, I ask questions, I tell good stories, and I pay for everything with 2 dollar bills (seriously). I drink a whole lot of coffee before hand, always buy lunch if I am working with our distributor, and sign every receipt with funny stick figures. None of this has anything to do with Jalapeño Tequila, but it has a lot to do with who I am. If you are selling an inferior product, this might be your only sales tactic. Nevertheless, even with a great brand like Tanteo, if you are not memorable as a person, your great brand will not stick out.


Never give up:

Sometimes the goal of being memorable will fall on deaf ears. I have had days where I am prepared and jazzed up to work the market and then find out that all of the buyers for bars and restaurants are out of town, hungover, or two hours late. This will happen ALL THE TIME, no matter what you do. A great salesperson needs to roll with the punches and know that a brighter day is ahead. I have had many days where I can’t seem to sell any Tequila, but at the last stop of the day I meet a new buyer who falls in love with the brand. You don’t need to win them all, but never, ever give up if you want to be a successful salesperson.

Have fun:

Don’t let the previous tip discourage you; selling alcohol is a lot of fun. I remind myself everyday that we are not just selling boxes (no disrespect to our box manufacturer). We sell a product that makes cocktails taste better and makes entertaining easier. Most people in the beverage alcohol business are fun, hospitable, and easy to work with. Every once in a while you meet a jerk in this business, but they are few and far between. Love what you do - it is contagious and will also make you better at it.


When you have a great product, selling it effectively requires little more than hard work and a positive mentality.  

Para la buena vida,