Tanteo Tequila

Tanteo Straight Up

I have been spending a lot of time down in Guadalajara this month (I stay there when I am visiting the distillery), and unlike in the states, where any decent bar makes a good margarita,  people in Mexico just do not drink American cocktails.  With this in mind, I thought I would share a few of my favorite ways to enjoy Tanteo without the lime and agave.


This is the traditional way to drink Tequila in Mexico. Literally meaning “little blood”, alternating sips of Tanteo with sips of a traditional Sangrita, is a great way to enjoy your Tequila.  While every good bartender has his/her own way to make a margarita in the states, every bartender in Mexico has his/her own Sangrita recipe. The secret ingredients range from Basil to Onions, to Olive juice (I once met a bartender who made it with oysters). Personally, I like to keep things simple with the Sangrita and let the Tequila do the talking.    


Cold Beer

The Boilermaker is a wonderful way to get your booze with a brew (just be careful as this is not one, but two full alcoholic drinks in one). When drinking Tanteo neat, I usually like to keep things consistent and have an easy to drink Mexican lager like Pacifico or Dos Equis Lager, but any light beer will do. While I love a big IPA’s or other craft beers, just like the Sangrita, it is best to keep the chaser simple and let the Tequila do the talking.

Virgin Bloody Chaser

If you can’t find Sangrita, I like to alternate Tanteo neat with a Bloody Mary Mix.  While more savory and a little less complementary to the tequila, this is still a unique and enjoyable experience. Be careful, however, when ordering this deconstructed bloody, as some enterprising bartenders will charge you for two drinks instead of one.


Served up.

The Margarita served up is a fantastic and sophisticated drink but when I’m feeling fancy and in the mood to drink out of a cocktail glass when out at a fine dining restaurant, I usually drink my Tanteo Margaritas up. Tanteo Jalapeño shaken and served up is a fantastic substitute for a Martini or a Kangaroo Cocktail. (Bet you have to look that one up) If you want to spice it up another notch, substitute the gin in a Dirty Martini and you will have on fine spicy (and boozy) drink!


So there are a few options when drinking Tanteo straight without any mixers.  Let me know your favorite option @neiltherealdeal on instagram or @neilgrosscup on twitter.

Para la buena vida,