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Mena x Tanteo

We just got a new team member!.   Mena Jibran has been helping out with Tanteo’s Social Media and graphic design since last fall,  but just came onto the Tanteo team full time as our Artistic Director/Marketing Manager (we all wear a lot of hats here at Tanteo).  I wanted to spend this post asking this Toronto native a few questions.  Please join me in welcoming her to the team @menajibran on Instagram and @menajay on Twitter

How did you get to New York?

It’s been a long time dream of mine to move to the big city. After graduating with a degree in Advertising, New York was a natural next step for me. The vibe and energy feels right and I feel right at home here. 

What is different about Toronto (or canada in general) and living in the US

NYC is just a larger Toronto. Both cities are amazing places to live. They’re vibrant, energetic and have great personality, but New York just does it better. There are more opportunities here and if you hustle, you can make things happen.     

What do you love about living here?

What’s amazing about New York is that no matter what neighborhood you’re in, everything is walking distance. There are endless things to do from soaking in the architectural history to being inspired by its natural beauty. No matter how long you’ve lived here, there is always something new to experience. You can never be bored or uninspired in NYC

What excites you most about working at Tanteo

Endless and delicious spicy margaritas, obviously... But that’s not all.. 

  • Our office space is a hidden gem, it’s filled with historic furniture that were repurposed from the 1800s and brought in from Mexico. Anytime I need to recharge, I can just walk around and take in the beauty.
  • The people are so great, they’re very passionate about the product, and it’s very contagious
  • It feels good to work for a brand that is actually doing good. Tanteo puts a lot of genuine care into the taste and quality of the Tequila, the care doesn’t end here, it is also extended to the employees, clients and consumers.

What is your approach to design at Tanteo?

I believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Tanteo is such an interesting brand to design for with so many opportunities to explore. My approach is to keep the messaging transparent, highlight the freshness of the product, set goals, and innovate. No superfluous distractions.

What legacy do you hope to leave at Tanteo?

As the Art Director my job is to visually represent Tanteo using the art of engaging storytelling. I want to leave a legacy of compelling, brand changing and unforgettable communications that brings the Tanteo brand to a whole new level. I want to leave behind a legacy of lifestyle brand awareness that turns Tanteo into a household name.

Favorite Tanteo cocktail?

The Jalapeño Margarita. Duh!

Favorite Restaurant in NYC?

Well, that always changes. It currently is Franks in the East Village.

Spiciest thing you ever ate?

I haven’t had the legendary ghost pepper as of yet, but last week I had a Mortadella Panini with an a lot of fresh jalapeños. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spicy food but that was the spiciest experience I’ve ever had.

What question do you most like to be asked?

I would have to say my favorite question to be asked is what my favorite city in the world is. I love to discover new places and share my experiences and memories from them. Each culture around the world has a variety of influences that make the world we live in a rich and interesting place.  

So What is your favorite city in the World?

My favorite cities at the moment are; Paris, New York and Amman, Jordan. I have visited all of them and just thinking about them brings back fond memories.

Craziest Social Media Post you have ever witnessed?

I love it when brands use trending topics to their advantage and win the Internet. Last year there was a post about a dress that divided the world. Well, the salvation army got involved by sharing this brilliant post.

Another amazing post was during the Super Bowl blackout, oreo shared this.

Best part of working at Tanteo?

Being the first to know about everything related to my favorite Tequila, and there are a lot exciting things to come in the next year ;) 

We are all very excited to have Mena on the team.  Start expecting even more great content on our WebsiteInstagramFacebook, and even some new Videos!

Para la buena vida,