Tanteo Tequila

Labor Day Cocktails

As we approach Labor Day weekend, the last long weekend of summer, I wanted to share 3 easy pitchers of Tanteo Cocktails to make as you toast goodbye to summer. Before I share these, one tip that will allow you to up any cocktail to a pitcher - pay attention to the dilution! When you shake cocktails in a tin, you both chill the cocktail and dilute the mixture so that it is not too boozy, sweet, or sour. When extending a cocktail recipe to a pitcher, always take this into account so the final product is well balanced. 

1. The Classic - Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita Pitcher (click here to see me make one at Casa Tanteo).


2. The Sweet Heat - Tanteo Jalapeño Raspberry Margarita Pitcher

3. The BBQ Bloody - a Tanteo Chipotle Bloody Maria

Hope you enjoy these cocktails this weekend! Please tag @tanteotequila 🔥🔥🔥 

Para la buena vida,