Tanteo Tequila

Healthy Drinking, Healthy Living

Friends, I am running the Boston Marathon tomorrow, and It has gotten me thinking about how to balance tequila, exercise, and good nutrition. While these things may not seem like they fit together, I am not the first person to try to balance all three to create a healthy lifestyle. Below I wanted to list a few tips I have tried to live by when trying to balance eating well, drinking well, and staying active. 

1. Pay Attention to Calories: The hard fact is that alcohol contains calories. In terms of nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins each have 4 calories per gram, alcohol 7 grams, and fat 9 grams. While there has been so much marketing behind low carbohydrate beers, it is the alcohol itself that packs the majority of the calories in booze. Another fad a few years ago was low calorie vodka, which in essence was just low alcohol vodka. If you are going to spend a night out with a few cocktails, know that this will contribute significantly towards your calorie intake for the day, so plan accordingly.

2. Pay Attention to Substance: In America, we have a fascination with thinness, but thinness does not necessarily mean healthy. When it comes to drinking alcohol, a vodka diet coke may have less calories than a margarita, but it does not mean it is better for you. I always try to order cocktails with substance, whether it be a Bloody Maria, Tequila with a Sangrita back, or even a Red Pepper Cocktail.

3. Don’t go overboard: You don’t need me to tell you that too much alcohol is very, very, very bad for your health. There are options to keep you from drinking too much, for example, try alternating alcoholic with non-alcoholic drinks (for those that like to drink fast). or alternate drinking activities (like going out to dinner), or non drinking activities (like going to the movies). Bonus points if you can fit exercise in as well, maybe spend an evening on the dance floor, or join a running group that also drinks

4. Exercise, Even After a Hard Night Out: A hangover is no excuse to sit in bed all day.  Fresh air and a little sweat can be a great way to get back to reality. Knowing that you need to exercise the next day will also be a good excuse to not have that last drink, and get home at a reasonable hour.

5. No Late Night Snacking:  When you get done with a night out, just go to bed. Alcohol makes us lower our inhibitions, which can allow us to over eat, and let’s face it - most late night food is pretty unhealthy.  Only time can sober you up, so sleep it off, and wait until breakfast. 

6. “Everything in Moderation - Even Excess”  - That’s what my older brother always told me. Don’t stress about having that extra drink or getting that late night burger every once in awhile. You can still have fun every now and then because depriving yourself from the things you want to do can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Para la buena vida,