Tanteo Tequila

Lighting of the Cup

On September 14th, Tanteo and Caliente Cab Co. will unite under one mission: to spice up New York’s favorite dishes and drinks with a bit of history. It’s a tale of hand-crafted meals and spirits, all meant to honor the robust, important culture behind the meal. It all culminates with the “re-lighting of the cup” — you know, Caliente’s giant, dormant, frosty beacon of hope on the corner of Seventh Avenue South and Bleecker — and the launch of Tanteo’s Extra Spicy Habanero Tequila. But beyond just a tale of a perfect marriage, this is a story of doing it right. 


At Tanteo, we strive to craft an honest tequila; to do that, we make sure to infuse a respect for history and culture into every bottle. We invest ourselves in the production process from start-to-finish, handcrafting each bottle in Jalisco, Mexico: the birthplace of tequila itself. Our cooperative employs locally (over 80% of our staff is female, too), and together we work to create that perfect, even bottle of spicy tequila. It’s been that way since we started, and we have no plans to stop. 



So when it comes to finding a cool, fun spot to enjoy margaritas in the city, we immediately thought of Caliente Cab Co, a neighborhood staple for the last 30 years. Sipping a margarita while catching up with friends on the front patio is the ideal way to spend a warm summer evening like a local. And as luck would have it, we share a common love for craft, for the history behind our offerings. 


In a city that prides itself on being first, we’ve spent hours finding the right way to blend that New York ethos with spicy tequila. When we added Extra Spicy Habanero to our flavor family of Original Jalapeño and Smoky Chipotle, we knew New York would feel passionately about it. It’s a city that thrives on the spice of life, never to be overshadowed, always intense. 


Teaming up to launch our Extra Spicy Habanero Tequila seemed like a perfect way to bring two histories together, to give authentic food and drink to hungry New Yorkers — and, once we re-ignite that iconic cup, to keep that history glowing for years to come. 

Para la buena vida,