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Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to the hottest gifts of the year, we got you covered. Whether you are shopping for your spice-loving friend, the cocktail enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique gift under $40. Below are must-haves for anyone who loves a good spirit.

1. Hot Sauce DIY Kit - $34.95 - BUY HERE

As the spicy Tequila company, our team is a bunch of spice heads. This DIY hot sauce kit is on our radar as the perfect gift for that friend who adds spice to everything. By making their own spice blend your friend can no longer complain that they did not make it spicy enough.

Spicy Cocktails

2. The Hot Sauce Cookbook - $14.73 - BUY NOW

If your spice-loving friend is more of a recipe seeker than a recipe inventor, this hot sauce cookbook has more than 60+ pepper sauce recipes that will satisfy their taste buds.


3. Stainless Steel Straws - $6.95 - BUY NOW

Spread your love far and wide with these stainless and reusable straws. They are economical, sustainable and a must have in every home bar.


4. Crushed Ice Tray - $12 - BUY NOW

Crushed ice makes every cocktail appear more appetizing. This ice tray is a seamless way to get crushed ice without the need of a hammer or a fancy fridge. It’s also dishwasher friendly.


5. Tanteo Jalapeño Salt - $9.99 - BUY NOW
Take drinking spicy cocktails one step further by adding our popular Tanteo Jalapeño Salt. This salt recipe was created by our Master Blender and CEO, Neil Grosscup after years of searching for the perfect salt rim for a Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita.. We knew it was too good not to share with you all, so we started selling it last year. The Jalapeño Salt is a perfect stocking stuffer. Delicious in cocktails and cooking too.

Jalapeño Salt Box.jpg

6. Tanteo Tequilas - $39.99 - BUY NOW

You knew this was coming, our line of spicy Tequilas are a must have for any spice lover. Here is an insider tip for the online shoppers: Save $3.00 off shipping for every bottle you add, orders of six bottles or more will bring the shipping down to $1.00!


Cheers to you and your loved ones.

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Tanteo Team