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5 Sweet and Spicy Cocktail + Food Pairings to Impress Your Date, Friend, or Self This Valentine’s Day

Hello! I’m Joanna Danielle, but please call me Jo. As Tanteo’s newest copywriter, I’ll be sliding into the Tanteo blog to talk about all things spicy tequila, from the perfectly sliced lime wedge (see below) to the rich history of Tanteo’s spirits production. I’m a writer living in New York City, and had my first taste of tequila sitting on my family’s deck in Maryland in the early aughts, when I snuck a sip of my mom’s enticingly fresh margarita. The summer sweat was real that day, and the pearls of salt on my mom’s glass looked almost opulent. I’ve never been able to think of tequila as anything but refreshingly regal ever since.

Speaking of lavish imbibing, Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and it’s time to put your money where your mouth is—literally. No need for cliches and crowded restaurants, though; much better to make it extra spicy at home. If you’re still noodling on how to spice up your V-Day operation, whether for a date, mate, or yourself, consider spending the evening testing your mixology skills. Here are five spicy cocktail recipes—with suggested snack pairings—to impress your date, or otherwise heat up the night.

I’m Hot Blooded: Blood Orange Habanero Margarita with Mango Habanero Salsa

Blood Orange_Habanero Margarita

Drink Recipe

2 oz. Tanteo Habanero Tequila

2 oz. fresh blood orange juice

1 oz. fresh lime juice

3/4 oz. light agave nectar (or simple syrup)

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice

Shake well and strain into a salt-rimmed, ice-filled Highball Glass

Garnish with a blood orange slice

This hot and fruity twist on a classic cocktail will get your blood pumping. The fresh blood oranges add a bit of crisp to your sip, and the result is fiery yet refreshing. If you want to go all out, consider using a manual juicer to squeeze the juice into your concoction. Tanteo’s habanero tequila also makes a perfect marinade for a tropical fruit salsa—mix up a batch with mangos or pineapples to smother on top of a side of tacos or nachos.

Make My Heart Beet Faster: Beet Cocktail with Dessert Panna Cotta


Drink Recipe

2 oz. Tanteo Chipotle Tequila

2 oz. roasted red beets

1 oz. fresh lime juice

3/4 oz. light agave nectar (or simple syrup)

Muddle beets in a tin

Combine remaining ingredients in a shaker with ice

Shake well and double strain into a salt-rimmed, ice-filled Highball Glass

Garnish with a beet slice

It’s Valentine’s Day—skip right to dessert if it pleases your heart. For a nightcap, don’t be intimidated by the oft-overlooked beet; its sugar content and brilliant color makes it the quintessential surprise ingredient for a little bit of sweet heat in your cocktail. Pair it with a dessert panna cotta for a velvety finish to a smooth evening.

You Red My Mind: Savory Red Pepper-ita with Spicy Chickpea Hummus

Chipotle Pepper Margarita.JPG

Drink Recipe

13/4 oz. Tanteo Chipotle Tequila

1/4 oz. mezcal (we recommend Xicaru)

3/4 oz. red pepper purée

1 oz. fresh lime juice

1/2 oz. light agave nectar (or simple syrup)

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice

Shake well and strain into an ice-filled Rocks glass (smoky salt rim optional)

Garnish with a lime wedge

Have a leftover bell pepper in your fridge? Perfect. Purée it to mix up a red pepper margarita with Tanteo’s chipotle tequila. Garnish it with a diagonally sliced lime wedge for a polished presentation (cut the lime in half first, then make a lateral incision across the middle, flip it, and cut along the incision to make clean slices). It’s smokey and savory and will pair nicely with a spicy chickpea dip to whet your appetite.

The Right Spice: Signature Spicy Jalapeño Margarita with Spicy Guacamole


Drink Recipe

2 oz Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila

1 oz fresh lime juice

¾ oz agave nectar

Rim with Tanteo Jalapeño Salt

Tanteo Jalapeño is our most popular infused tequila. Try this simple yet exquisite drink with another date-worthy classic—splendidly spiced guacamole.

Body Talk: Tequila Sunrise Shooters with Salted Fruit

You’ve got some of that blood orange juice left over, right? Great. Mix it with some grenadine and tequila and find a shot glass. Then throw some Tanteo Jalapeño Salt on top of your leftover limes or any other fruit (try a salted pear—you won’t be disappointed) you have on hand. We’ll let you take the rest from here.

Here’s to a hot and spicy Valentine’s Day. Talk to you next time!


Celebrating 10 Years at Tanteo

January 2019 marks our 10th full year of selling Tanteo in New York City. While at first, we were self-distributed, hand delivering bottles to our early accounts, we quickly proved the concept,  partnered with New York’s premier distributor, and grew across the United States. As we gear up to do bigger and bolder things in our next 10 years, I wanted to reflect on where we have been over these last 10 years, with plenty of ups and downs.

I have written several times at this time of year about Jonathan Rojewski - Tanteo’s former CEO and co-founder who tragically passed away in 2013. This will be no different - Jonathan was a mentor, friend, and business partner to me. Jonathan and David Cambell founded the company a year and a half before bringing the product to market, leaving lucrative careers in finance with the belief that bartenders from around the world should be able to consistently spice up their margaritas with ease.  


Once getting our first distributor in June 2010 with Empire Merchants in New York City, we started to grow very fast, though at a escalating cost. Movements in the spirits business move slow, and while cocktail bars in New York and San Francisco were ready for a spicy margarita in 2010, many other accounts were not ready, and we chased into all 50 states faster than we could afford. We pushed too hard, grew too fast, and spent too much money promoting Tanteo to consumers that were not yet ready to spice up their cocktails.

And then tragedy struck on August 9th, 2013 with the passing of our first CEO Jonathan Rojewski. It was a very tough time and one of the biggest challenges we had to overcome as a company. Jonathan’s death prompted a large restructuring of the company where we needed to tighten our belts, focus on our home markets, and not get distracted by anything besides making the best spicy tequila in the world.  

This is also the time that I stepped into the CEO role. At the time I was 29 years old, and while I had been in charge of the Tanteo production for the previous 3 years, I was by no means a proven leader. Our number one goal was to continue Jonathan's legacy and with few resources, including Jacob Scott, and of course Ernesto, we focused on leading by example, working with our distributors to grow our key account business.

Team Tanteo.JPG

The next few years were tough but very rewarding. We grew the business each day and did it in a efficient way by doing everything ourselves. The year over year growth was slow, from 2% in 2014, 8% in 2015, and 15% in 2016, but we were doing it efficiently.  Slowly we added a new team member Mena, and started to grown our online presence in proportion.

In late 2017 we decided that we were ready to push growth in a bigger way outside of our home markets on the east coast,  making a big commitment in California and Texas with new sales hires, and letting more people know about Tanteo as the perfect way to spice up a margarita. Adding Sean and Anita in New York, Matt in California and Steven in Houston elevated our business and got us back to thinking about a 50 state strategy as we take the brand to the next level.

We had our biggest year ever in 2018 - growing our business 25% and selling over 2,250,000 cocktails. Two weeks ago we also hired full-time employee number 10 in Michael Robertson  in Los Angeles as we gear up to make and sell more best-in-class spicy tequila for the next 10 years.

I hope Jonathan is proud of what we have done, an where we are going.

Para la Buena Vida,


Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to the hottest gifts of the year, we got you covered. Whether you are shopping for your spice-loving friend, the cocktail enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique gift under $40. Below are must-haves for anyone who loves a good spirit.

1. Hot Sauce DIY Kit - $34.95 - BUY HERE

As the spicy Tequila company, our team is a bunch of spice heads. This DIY hot sauce kit is on our radar as the perfect gift for that friend who adds spice to everything. By making their own spice blend your friend can no longer complain that they did not make it spicy enough.

Spicy Cocktails

2. The Hot Sauce Cookbook - $14.73 - BUY NOW

If your spice-loving friend is more of a recipe seeker than a recipe inventor, this hot sauce cookbook has more than 60+ pepper sauce recipes that will satisfy their taste buds.


3. Stainless Steel Straws - $6.95 - BUY NOW

Spread your love far and wide with these stainless and reusable straws. They are economical, sustainable and a must have in every home bar.


4. Crushed Ice Tray - $12 - BUY NOW

Crushed ice makes every cocktail appear more appetizing. This ice tray is a seamless way to get crushed ice without the need of a hammer or a fancy fridge. It’s also dishwasher friendly.


5. Tanteo Jalapeño Salt - $9.99 - BUY NOW
Take drinking spicy cocktails one step further by adding our popular Tanteo Jalapeño Salt. This salt recipe was created by our Master Blender and CEO, Neil Grosscup after years of searching for the perfect salt rim for a Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita.. We knew it was too good not to share with you all, so we started selling it last year. The Jalapeño Salt is a perfect stocking stuffer. Delicious in cocktails and cooking too.

Jalapeño Salt Box.jpg

6. Tanteo Tequilas - $39.99 - BUY NOW

You knew this was coming, our line of spicy Tequilas are a must have for any spice lover. Here is an insider tip for the online shoppers: Save $3.00 off shipping for every bottle you add, orders of six bottles or more will bring the shipping down to $1.00!


Cheers to you and your loved ones.

Share your cocktail with us on instagram @tanteotequila #tanteotequila


Tanteo Team

6 Spooky, Spicy and Smokey Halloween Cocktails to Make at Home

Halloween is just around the corner.  Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or dressing up your drink on October 31st, here are some spooky, spicy and smokey Halloween cocktails that look festive and taste delicious.  

The Peppered Pear Margarita

Pears come into season at the end of summer, and the best time to enjoy the fruit is when it is in season. We muddled a pear with 2 oz. of our Jalapeño infused Tequila, added a bit of lemon juice, and agave nectar. The result is a delicious peppery pear goodness, perfect for fall. Garnish this drink with a rosemary stem. Rim with a Tanteo Jalapeño Salt.

Tanteo Peppered Margarita

Peppered Pear Recipe:

1 ½ oz. Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila

2 ½ oz. Pear Purée

½ oz. Agave Nectar

½ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

1  Fresh Rosemary Stem For garnish

Pumpkin Smoke Margarita

Pumpkin spice is old news, kick it up a notch and try Pumpkin Smoke. We mixed pumpkin purée with our Chipotle infused Tequila. The result is a delicious smokey pumpkin concoction. You won’t need a glass for this one, a carved out pumpkin not only looks festive, but will taste extra rich.

Bonus: the bigger the pumpkin, the bigger the drink.

Tanteo Pumpkin Smoke Margarita.png

Pumpkin Smoke Recipe:

2 oz. Tanteo Chipotle Tequila

1 oz. Pumpkin Purée

1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

¾ oz. Agave Nectar

Rim with Cinnamon Sugar

Tanteo Morgue-Rita

Just because its fall, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a classic Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita. We dressed up our original Jalapeño Margarita with some Activated Charcoal Powder. The result is a velvety black Jalapeño Margarita. Same delicious flavor, different color. This is an easy go to drink that will definitely put you in the Halloween spirit.

Bonus: Activated charcoal is a potent natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out so the body doesn’t re-absorb them.

Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita

Tanteo Morgue-Rita Recipe:

2 oz. Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila

1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

¾ oz. Agave Nectar

1 Tsp. Activated Charcoal Powder

Rim with Tanteo Jalapeño Salt

Figgin Fire Margarita

Figs may no longer be in season, but they are perfect when mixed in a cocktail with our Chipotle infused Tequila. This cocktail is so flavorful, hints of smokey chipotle balanced with some sweet fig undertones.  

Chipotle Tequila Cocktail

Figgin Fire Margarita Recipe:

2 oz. Tanteo Chipotle Tequila

1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

½ oz. Agave Nectar

1 Bar Spoon of Fig Preserve

Rim with Tanteo Jalapeño Salt

Hot Blooded Margarita

With its deep red flesh, this citrus fruit has a distinct sweet flavor that balances really well when mixed with our extra spicy Habanero Tequila. The result is a very fresh summery drink, dressed up in spooky blood-like red color.

Tanteo Blooded Margarita.jpg

Hot Blooded Margarita Recipe:

2 oz. Tanteo Habanero Tequila

2 oz. Fresh Blood Orange Juice

1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

¾ oz. Agave Nectar

Bloody Hell

The name says it all, this Bloody Maria mixed with our Habanero infused Tequila is extremely spicy. If you are a spicy lover, this will be your favorite drink.

Spicy Bloody Maria

Bloody Hell Recipe:

2 oz. Tanteo Habanero Tequila

3 oz. Bloody Mary Mix

Happy Halloween,

Mena Jibran

Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila and Food Pairings

While the Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita is great on its own, It is even better, and better for you, to have your cocktail with a bite to eat. Pairing Tanteo with food is pretty easy, as most everything can be better spicy. Below are some of my favorite ways to pair your nosh with Tanteo Jalapeño.

Fish Tacos with a Tanteo Jalapeño margarita


A classic spicy cocktail with a Baja Style Fish Taco - a match made in heaven. The citrus of the margarita complements the crispy fish, and the one-handed tacos allow you to use your other hand to hold the cocktail. If you are not comfortable making this on your own, try some of the best fish tacos (and Tanteo Jalapeño Margaritas) around at our friends Playa Betty on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

California roll with a Pepino Diablo Margarita


A simple takeout sushi roll (I doubt many of you are actually making your own California roll),  this combination is attainable at a lot of our top Japanese accounts like Williamsburg Brooklyn’s Fushimi. Crisp cool cucumber pairs great with a bit of spice, and the clean flavors of the cocktail pair well with the simple roll. Start here with a California roll and then start getting a bit more adventurous  - lots of great combinations to go here.

Feta Stuffed Falafel with Spicy Sandia Margarita


Again, 9 out of 10 times I am ordering-in Falafel, and by serving with this crowd pleasing cocktail, you can really kick it up a notch. I Like a lot of feta with my falafel, and that combination is fantastic with the Watermelon in the margarita. At our office, we often order from the Kobob Shack in Williamsburg, but find your favorite local spot to enjoy this great pairing.

Citrus Shrimp Ceviche with Tanteo Jalapeno on the rocks


If you do want to actually cook something - quickly whip up in the kitchen this Citrus Shrimp Ceviche, and keep the drink simple. The strong citrus of the ceviche helps balance out the strength of the tequila. This meaty satisfying appetizer needs some heat to complement it - and there is no better choice than some Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila.

Para La Buena Vida,


Announcing The Spirit of Spice Winner

As we approach the end of summer and the end of our first big contest, I find myself reflecting on where we are, what we’ve learned and where we are going.

This week our team came together to review the #Spiritofspice entries and select one lucky winner. But before the big reveal, I want to share the journey that led us to the #Spiritofspice campaign.

When planning our creative strategy, our objective was to birth an idea that characterizes the spirit of spice. We pride ourselves on masterfully infusing blanco tequila with fresh peppers and transforming an ordinary margarita into consistent spicy perfection. So we asked ourselves, what can we do next to add that same element of spice to one lucky fan’s life?

During the creative process, we found the best way to stay true to our brand was to ask our loyal fans what beyond ordinary experience we could deliver to spice up their spirit. So we did, and the #Spiritofspice contest was born.


We shot a commercial produced by a talented team of professionals, posted it on social media and asked our audience to make their own video telling us how Tanteo could add spice to their life. And, the results were staggering. We had many unique and interesting people submit their wild and personal requests. @dramalaw asked that we take him and his wife to all four grand slam tennis tournaments. @hot_bisch asked for a trip to Dar E Salaam to check out their agriculture. @coco2288 wanted to learn how to play craps in Vegas while @justinebean wanted to teach aqua yoga in Tulum, Mexico. As expected, we couldn’t have written a script that was more authentic.


After reviewing all of these  amazing and inspirational videos, it was difficult to choose just one winner. After much deliberation, we’re excited to announce that @stephaniecowan, a passionate photographer who tells people’s unique stories around the world through her lens, won the #spiritofspice contest. Stephanie discovered Tanteo after she came across the Forbes article, Shaking it up, how this innovative Tequila company is helping women get ahead”. In the interview with our CEO, Neil Grosscup spoke about Tanteo’s mission to help the women of Juanacatlán, the home of our distillery, get ahead. In her video, Stephanie asked Tanteo to take her to Mexico to photograph the wonderful women who play a big role in spicing up Tanteo.


Please join me as we congratulate @stephaniecowan for winning the #Spiritofspice contest. We are very excited to experience your spice with you and the wonderful photos you take.

Stay tuned for updates from Stephanie’s journey and photographs!


Mena Jibran

5 Spicy & Refreshing Labor Day Cocktails

No one likes to see summer end. And while officially the party keeps going until September 20th, we all know Labor Day weekend is the un-official end. To help ease the transition to Fall, here are five of the best Spicy cocktails to bid-farewell to summer. Gluten-free, vegan, and bartender approved - you can keep your beach bod while drinking them

1. Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita

Our first choice is always the Tanteo Jalapeño Margarita. Whether you are a spicy lover or not, the Jalapeño Margarita strikes the perfect balance between spice, sweet and citrus. This three ingredients recipe is easy to make and is always a crowd pleaser. This should be a staple in every party.




  1. Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice

  2. Shake well and strain into an ice-filled rocks glass (salted rim optional)

  3. Garnish with a lime wedge or Jalapeño Slice

2. Sweet Heat Margarita  

We are getting to the end of Raspberries season so time for one more raspberry cocktail.. Raspberries pair really well with our Jalapeño Tequila, combined they make a delicious sweet & spicy cocktail. Not to mention its juicy red pigment makes it an even more appetizing summer beverage.



  1. Muddle Raspberries in a shaker

  2. Combine ingredients with ice

  3. Shake well and strain into a salt-rimmed, ice-filled Rocks Glass

  4. Garnish with a raspberry or jalapeño slice

3. Hot Blooded Margarita

The Hot Blooded Margarita is a cocktail version of Sangrita - and pair really well with a big labor day Asada. Sip this for something truly different this labor day.




  1. Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice

  2. Shake well and strain into a salt-rimmed, Coupe Glass

  3. Garnish with a lime and Lemon wedge

4. Vero Margarita

Mangoes are Tropical fruits that you can buy all year long, though they still remind us of the summer season. We combined fresh Mangoes with our extra spicy Habanero Tequila resulting in this beautiful rich in color cocktail

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 3.08.31 PM.png



  1. Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice

  2. Shake well and strain into a salt-rimmed, ice-filled Rocks Glass

  3. Stir well and garnish with a mango wheel

5. Smoke & Mora Margarita

Last but not least, Blackberries ripen in June through August, and combined with the campfire smokeless Tanteo Chipotle Tequila - this will help you send summer off in style.



  • 2 oz. Tanteo Chipotle Tequila

  • 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

  • 3/4 oz. Agave Nectar

  • 4 Muddled Blackberries


  1. Muddle blackberries in a tin

  2. Combine remaining ingredients in a shaker with ice

  3. Shake well and strain into an ice-filled Rocks

  4. Glass (smoky salt rim optional)

  5. Garnish with a blackberry or a lime wedge

Happy Labor Day Weekend,

Team Tanteo

Cooking with Jalapeño Salt

When we created Tanteo Jalapeño Salt late last year, the objective was simple: provide consumers with a product that would elevate their amazing spicy cocktails to another level. With the feedback we’ve gotten from fans and bartenders since launch, it's clear that we’ve succeed in that regard. The pictures and comments we receive showing the awesome experiences our customers have had rimming their glasses with our salt make us that much happier to do our jobs.

With its three primary ingredients, salt, sugar, and lime, our jalapeño salt comes out of the bag specifically targeting three of the five tasting zones of the palette: salty, sweet, and sour. The heat the of jalapeño powder creates the tantalizing spicy kick that we know and love. Combined, these four ingredients create a complexity of flavors that can elevate so many simple dinner dishes to a place that is truly beyond ordinary.


Knowing the potential of our product in the kitchen, the team recently set out to create a full meal that would demonstrate the culinary power of this simple seasoning. The menu, consisting of chicken breast, homemade shoestring french fries, and mexican salad, was a complete hit in the office. The jalapeño salt took these simple dishes and added a layer of complexity to their flavor profiles. The french fries, predictably fatty and salty, took on additional elements of spice and sweetness with nothing more than a sprinkling of our seasoning. The chicken breast, perhaps the epitome of mundane dinner fare, suddenly packed a flavorful punch with each bite. Finally the salad -- which when improperly done can be the most boring of dishes-- took on a complexity that is hard to find in truly healthy foods.


We knew that we had a great product in the jalapeño salt the day it launched, and for the past year it’s been making spicy margaritas all the better. With that said, its applications in the kitchen are equally exciting and the more we experiment with it, the more impressed we become. Pick up a bag from our shop page and give it a try next time you cook-- allow yourself the opportunity to spice up your supper.


Chicken Breast

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a cast iron skillet season two chicken breasts (preferably with skin still on), with a liberal coating of olive oil, one tablespoon of jalapeño salt, and pepper to taste. Place the skillet in the oven, skin side down, and cook for 10 minutes. Flip the chicken and cook on the other side for 10-15 minutes, or until the internal temperature reads 165 degrees. *Note that this is the safe temperature for chicken according to the FDA, but if you are sure about the high quality of your chicken, an internal temperature between 155 and 160 will yield a juicier result.

Let rest ten minutes before slicing and serving.


French Fries

For the french fries, follow this amazing food network recipe, and sprinkle liberally with jalapeño salt after the second fry while they are still warm.


Mexican Salad

Start by adding spinach or any leafy green into a large bowl. Cook the quinoa and black beans, and add both. Lastly, rinse the corn and grate the a carrot. For added healthy fats, throw in some avocado! Once all the ingredients are added, sprinkle the Jalapeño Salt for a gush of salty/sweet flavor. Add oil, tahini, and spicy sauce as you please.

Para la Buena Vida, 

Tanteo Team 

Top All Natural Margarita Mixes

If you have ever read a Tanteo cocktail list or seen one of our YouTube videos, you will know that we always recommend using freshly squeezed lime juice and agave nectar for a proper margarita. However, while it is a lot easier to squeeze juice than it may seem, sometimes you just don’t have the time.

To help you out with this, we have highlighted the best margarita mixes out there. We’re big on using the best ingredients possible, so I didn’t include any of the chemical enhanced margarita mixes out there. All of the below are 100% natural. Enjoy!


     Ripe Margarita Mix      Ingredients: filtered water, cold-pressed Persian lime juice, cold-pressed Valencia and/or Hamlin orange juice, 100% organic agave nectar


Ripe Margarita Mix

Ingredients: filtered water, cold-pressed Persian lime juice, cold-pressed Valencia and/or Hamlin orange juice, 100% organic agave nectar

A new addition to Whole Foods, Ripe prides itself on refraining from pasteurizing its juices, opting to put them under immense pressure for sanitization instead. This might be the secret to their great taste or, perhaps, it’s the proportions of their ingredients and their use of orange juice to compliment the limes. Regardless, whatever it is, this mix tastes fantastic. Sweet enough to balance out Tanteo’s heat, it still manages to convey the individual flavors of the fruits.

Ripe Margarita Mix      Ingredients: filtered water, cold-pressed Persian lime juice, cold-pressed Valencia and/or Hamlin orange juice, 100% organic agave nectar

Ripe Margarita Mix

Ingredients: filtered water, cold-pressed Persian lime juice, cold-pressed Valencia and/or Hamlin orange juice, 100% organic agave nectar

A new addition to Whole Foods, Ripe prides itself on refraining from pasteurizing its juices, opting to put them under immense pressure for sanitization instead. This might be the secret to their great taste or, perhaps, it’s the proportions of their ingredients and their use of orange juice to compliment the limes. Regardless, whatever it is, this mix tastes fantastic. Sweet enough to balance out Tanteo’s heat, it still manages to convey the individual flavors of the fruits.

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company      Ingredients: fresh limes, water, and Florida cane sugar

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company

Ingredients: fresh limes, water, and Florida cane sugar

A bit sweeter than the other two premixed products, Natalie’s tastes like the best limeade you’ve ever had. Use of only three ingredients makes it the simplest of the fully mixed options, and the brand has substituted Florida cane sugar for agave which gives the mix a lighter color and cleaner flavor profile.  

Industry Cold Pressed Lime Juice      Ingredients: 100% lime juice

Industry Cold Pressed Lime Juice

Ingredients: 100% lime juice

So, you still need to add agave nectar, but this is an easy way to skip the lime squeezing while still using fresh ingredients. I used this last two weeks ago for Aspen Food and Wine and it made making margaritas for 75 guests a breeze. The ease of use and quality of this one has made me question all the hours of lime pressing over the years - plus a 90 day shelf life! This is the closest to the real thing out there.

Fresh Pressed Lime Juice    Ingredients: 100% Lime Juice

Fresh Pressed Lime Juice

Ingredients: 100% Lime Juice

If you have the time and energy, it is still hard to beat the real thing. Especially for a small group, it is actually quite easy (and cost effective) to press your own lime juice. The key is prep - press as many as you need for the party, maybe with a gadget like this one, and store in an airtight container the juice will keep for a day. To make the process even more efficient, roll your limes. Five seconds being rolled on the counter breaks down a lot of the cells inside the fruit and makes it easier to squeeze.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of bad margarita mixes out there, but a fair amount of good ones as well. They work great for big events or when you don’t want to take the extra time to squeeze.


Tanteo Team

The #spiritofspice

The #spiritofspice
We have had an exciting last few weeks at Tanteo as we have kicked off #spiritofspice - our first big-time contest at Tanteo. It officially kicked off this Cinco de Mayo, and is going through September 1st. In the below post I want to explain what #spiritofspice is, why we are doing it, and how you can be involved.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 12.37.17 PM.png

What is #spiritofspice?

Since our founding in 2007,  Tanteo has been focused on creating the best spicy tequila that makes the perfect spicy margarita. Spice mixes with Tequila better than other base spirits, and as the original 100% agave spicy tequila, we are the original spirit of spice. We liked the alliteration, we liked the consonance, and we liked that “spirit” has a whole lot meanings. From there we thought about what it would mean to spice up someone’s spirit - not just in a spicy cocktail but something more fluid - like an experience - and this is what #spiritofspice is. Tanteo is picking a lucky winner to spice up an experience they have been dreaming of.  It can be anything, as long as it is spicy - Running with the bulls while wearing a bull outfit? No problem. Take a tour of the best street tacos in Mexico? Sounds great! Whatever your Spirit is craving - the #spiritofspice wants to make it happen.


Why are we doing this?

As an up and coming brand, we don’t have a lot of discretionary resources for things like this. Most of Tanteo’s success to-date has been in the on-premise (bars and restaurants), and we have found that the best way to reach our customer base has been making it easy for bartenders to make specialty cocktails. And while we are very proud of all we have done over the years - we wanted to find a way to give back to those that drink all of our specialty cocktails, while also getting some exposure outside of the bars, restaurants, and spirits shops that promote Tanteo. Instead of a big billboard or paid press, we thought it best to ask our fans on Social Media what they would like, and ask them to share the hashtag #spiritofspice to help promote it.  We hope it is a fun way to advertise all the fun things we are doing while also spicing up the lives of one lucky fan.


Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 12.23.09 PM.png

How you can be involved?
It is very simple. First - you need to follow Tanteo on Instagram.  After you do that - you need to create a public post (video or photo) with the hashtag #spiritofspice telling us how we can spice up your spirit. And lastly - you need to wait until September 4th, when we will announce the winner.

Good luck!

Para la Buena Vida,


Visiting Tanteo's Birthplace

Visiting Tanteo's Birthplace

Friends, we just got back from our second annual Spice Up Your Life Mexico Trip and all of us at Tanteo are jazzed up about the future of the company. The Spice Up Your Life Mexico Trip is an opportunity for some of our biggest fans to come down and experience Tanteo’s home, both in the fields of Cienega, Jalisco as well as the vibrant nightlife of Guadalajara Mexico. This two night, three day trip is an experience full of all of Tanteo’s inspirations: great food, vibrant culture, and of course expertly crafted tequila. Below I wanted to give some highlights of what we did, why we did it, and what we hoped our guests learned about Tanteo’s home.

Lighting of the Cup

Lighting of the Cup

On September 14th, Tanteo and Caliente Cab Co. will unite under one mission: to spice up New York’s favorite dishes and drinks with a bit of history. It’s a tale of hand-crafted meals and spirits, all meant to honor the robust, important culture behind the meal. It all culminates with the “re-lighting of the cup” — you know, Caliente’s giant, dormant, frosty beacon of hope on the corner of Seventh Avenue South and Bleecker — and the launch of Tanteo’s Extra Spicy Habanero Tequila. But beyond just a tale of a perfect marriage, this is a story of doing it right. 

Introducing Tanteo Habanero

Introducing Tanteo Habanero

Last month, we blended our first batch of Tanteo Habanero Tequila, bringing our family of spicy Tequilas to three. Most ordinary tequilas come in threes: a blanco, reposado and anejo. With the new launch we now have our original in Tanteo Jalapeño, our smokey expression in Tanteo Chipotle, and our extra spicy infusion in Tanteo Habanero. I wanted to share today our reason for creating Tanteo Habanero, our unique production process, and some of our favorite ways to use the new infusion in cocktails.

How the Political Climate is Making it Harder to Run our Company

How the Political Climate is Making it Harder to Run our Company

As the CEO of an emerging company, an American, and a human being, I have found the first 10 days of the Trump administration to be particularly worrisome for the future of our company, the future of our country, and our reputation around the world. Usually as a spirits company, we try to stay out of the political process, as political affiliation has little determination if one is going to enjoy spicy cocktails. 

December 2016 - A Year in Review

December 2016 - A Year in Review

Friends, the Winter Holidays are a busy time for the booze business in general. While we do expect to finish the year with a strong December, as a Tequila supplier, all of our work is done for the year, and I am writing this post sitting by the beach gearing up for 2017. This down time is perfect for us to reflect on where we have gone in 2016, and where we are planning to go in the future.  Below are some of the highlights from our very successful 2016.

Night Before Thanksgiving on the Lower East Side

Night Before Thanksgiving on the Lower East Side

After the protracted and divisive US presidential election, I am craving a strong drink (or two).  And while I have usually tried to stay away from bars on Drinksgiving, this year I’m going to spice it up by frequenting some of my favorite Tanteo accounts on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Here is my itinerary for next Wednesday. Say hello on Instagram and first drink is on me.